Bike Mechanic Training

PHX BikeLab operates a mechanic training program. This 8 week course teaches participants how to refurbish a bike from top to bottom. We also recruit volunteer mechanics from this program. This program also turns out fully refurbished used bicycles which we then sell to fund the bikelab and support future programs.

3 thoughts on “Bike Mechanic Training

  1. Johnney Diaz says:

    Good morning, I am very interested your bike mechanic program, what are the dates and associated costs?

    • John says:

      We are almost operational, we’ll be posting a schedule of classes and hours end of August beginning of September. we are currently still working on build out and acquisition of supplies. Cheers !

  2. Bill McComas says:

    Is this still in the works, John? I’d love to join in as well. I can do a lot of the basics, but very interested in learning to true wheels, tune gears and brakes, etc.

    May be others in PSP inerested as well.

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